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2012 Volume 1, Number 1

Drilling Uni-Directional Fiber-Reinforced Plastics Manufactured by Hand Lay-Up: Influence of Fibers
Download PDF (183k)
Dilli Babu, K. Sivaji Babu, B. Uma Maheswar Gowd
Keywords: Composites; Drilling; Delamination

Structural and Surface Studies of Vacuum Evaporated Cadmium Telluride Thin Films
Download PDF (1172k)
H. S. Patel, J. R. Rathod, K. D. Patel and V. M. Pathak
Keywords: Thin film, CdTe, XRD, TEM, SEM, AFM

Hydrothermal Synthesis of Nano-sized PbTiO3 Powder and Epitaxial Film for Memory Capacitor Application
Download PDF (2430k)
Htet Htet Nwe, Yin Maung Maung, Than Than Win and Ko Ko Kyaw Soe
Keywords: Hydrothermal synthesis, nano-sized PbTiO3 powder, C-V characteristics, hysteresis loop

Characterization of Nano-sized ZnO Electrodes with Curcumin-derived Natural Dye Extract for DSSC Application
Download PDF (291k)
Than Than Win, Yin Maung Maung and Ko Ko Kyaw Soe
Keywords: Hydrothermal synthesis; ITO/glass; curcumin; DSSC

2013 Volume 2, Number 1

Low-pressure Air Plasma Influence on Cotton Textile Surface Morphology and Evaporated Cooper Coating Adhesion
Download PDF (1204k)
Svetlana Vihodceva, Silvija Kukle
Keywords: Cotton Textile; Vacuum Evaporation Technology; Copper; Low-pressure Air Plasma; Adhesion

Use of Nonionic Tween-80 Surfactant Mobile Phase in Thin Layer Chromatography of Heavy Metal Cations
Download PDF (696k)
Sarang S. Dhote, Lata Deshmukh and L. Paliwal
Keywords: Tween-80; Nonionic; Acidity; Electrolyte; Aminoplast; Alkanols

Growth and Characterization of Electrospun LaMnO3 Nanofibers by Electrospinning Technique
Download PDF (667k)
Yin Maung Maung, Zin Min Myat, Than Than Win, and Ko Ko Kyaw Soe
Keywords: Electrospinning machine; LaMnO3 nanofibers; TG-DTA; XRD; SEM


2013 Volume 2, Number 2

Structural, Magnetic and Electronic Properties of ErN in Three Structural Phases: First Principal Calculations
Download PDF (916k)
Keywords: Structural properties; Magnetic properties; Electronic properties; ErN compound; SIC-PBE-sol+U approximation

Synthesis and Characterization of Magnesium Perchlorate Doped Polyaniline- PVC Films
Download PDF (788k)
Gita Rani, Harish Kumar, and Renu Rani
Keywords: Chemical doping; Polymers; Polyaniline-PVC films; FTIR


2013 Volume 2, Number 3

Adjusted Adashi’s Model of Exciton Bohr Parameter and New Proposed Models for Optical Properties of III-V Semiconductors
Download PDF (527k)
Nawal KORTI-BAGHDADLI, Abdelkrim Elhasnaïne MERAD , and Tayeb BENOUAZ
Keywords: Exciton Bohr parameter; Energy band gap; Refractive index; Dielectric constant

Morphology and Optical Properties of Template Synthesized Copper-Telluride Nanowires
Download PDF (636k)
Suresh Kumar, Virender Singh, A.Vohra, and S.K.Chakarvarti
Keywords: Template Synthesis; Copper Telluride; Nanowires; SEM; Optical Properties


2013 Volume 2, Number 4

P3HT:PCBM/TiOx Interface Modification through Annealing for Improvement in Organic Solar Cell Performance
Download PDF (767k)
Sanjay S. Ghosh, Ganesh S. Lonakar, Mrunal S. Mahajan, Sandesh R. Jadkar, Jaydeep V. Sali
Keywords: Organic Solar Cell; Titanium sub-oxide; Electron transport; Interface; Annealing 

2014 Volume 3, Number 1

Synthesis of Microwires of Polypyrrole via Chemical Polymerization using Track Etch Membrane as Template
Ravish Garg, Dinesh Kumar, and S.K. Chakarvarti
Keywords: Conductive polymer; Track Etch Membrane (TEM); Polypyrrole (PPy); Nanowires; Template; Chemical polymerization

Eco-friendly Synthesis and Characterization of Silver Nanoparticles and Evaluation of their Antibacterial Activity
Jonny Dhiman, Virender Kundu, Suresh Kumar, Ravi Kumar, and S.K. Chakarvarti
Keywords: Silver nitrate; Seeds extract; Biosynthesis; Antibacterial activity

Enhanced Mathematical Modeling of DOP Plasticizer Migration from PVC into Liquid (Methanol)
Mostefa Miloudi, Abdelmadjid Ait Yala, and Mokhtar Mokhtari
Keywords: DOP; Forced diffusion; Mathematical model

2015 Volume 4, Number 1

Simulation of Thermal Behavior in Hollow-glass-microsphere-filled Cement Composites
Hui Wang, Feng Hou, and Xin-Juan Zhao
Keywords: Hollow glass microsphere; Cement; Composite; Thermal conductivity; Finite element method

Magnesium and Its Alloys in Automotive Applications – A Review
D. Sameer Kumar, C. Tarasasanka, K. Ravindra, and K.N.S. Suman
Keywords: Magnesium; Magnesium alloys; Manufacturing methods of Magnesium; Automobile applications

2-hydroxyethyl Acrylate Grafted Jute Fiber/ Treated Coir Pith/Vinyl ester Hybrid Composites
Ankita Pritam Praharaj, Priyabrata Mohanty, Dibakar Behera, Tapan Kumar Bastia, and Arun Kumar Rout
Keywords: BisGMA; HEA; Jute fiber; Coir pith; Hybrid composites; Mechanical properties; Corrosive properties; Water ingress properties

Improvement in Out-of-plane Conductivity of PEDOT: PSS Thin Films due to Electric Field Treatment at Elevated Temperature
Mrunal Mahajan, Sanjay Ghosh, and Jaydeep Sali
Keywords: Out-of-plane electrical conductivity of PEDOT: PSS; Conformational changes; Application of electric field; Raman spectroscopy of PEDOT: PSS

2015 Volume 4, Number 2

Structural and Optical Properties of ZnS and Cr-ZnS Thin Films Prepared by Chemical Bath Deposition Method
Manash Pratim Sarma and Ganesh Wary
Keywords: Band gap; Chemical bath deposition; Crystallite size; Dislocation density; Extinction coefficient; Microstrain; Thin film; XRD

Review of Journal Bearing Materials and Current Trends
M.V.S Babu, A. Rama Krishna, and K.N.S. Suman
Keywords: Bearing Materials; Bearing Metal; Babbitt Metal; White Metal; Composite Bearings

Mechanical and Water Absorption Properties of Alkaline Treated Coconut (cocosnucifera) and Sponge (acanthus montanus) Fibers Reinforced Polypropylene Composites
Okikiola Ganiu Agbabiaka, Isiaka Oluwole Oladele, and Oluyemi Daramola
Keywords: Coconut fiber; Sponge fiber; Chemical treatment; Polypropylene; Mechanical properties; Water absorption

Optimization of Metal Removal Rate in Turning for AISI 1040 Steel using Taguchi and Fuzzy Logic
Sayed Shafayat Hossain, Rubayet Hassan, and Md. Sajibul Alam Bhuyan
Keywords: ANOVA; Design of Experiments; Orthogonal Array; Taguchi Method; Fuzzy logic

2015 Volume 4, Number 3

Analysis of Dielectric and Resistive Properties of Sn Substitution in Ni-Zn Ferrites Nanoparticles
Arif Mahmud
Keywords: Ferrites; Electrical Properties; X-ray Diffraction; Temperature and Resistivity

Effect of Corn Cob Particulate on the Mechanical and Biodegradability Properties of Reinforced Polyester Composites
Oladele O. Isiaka, Agbabiaka G. Okikiola, Ogungbe Funto, and Babarinde Opeyemi
Keywords: Composites; Mechanical properties; Biodegradability; Corn cob; Polyester

2016 Volume 5, Number 1

Assessment of Thermo-Mechanically Treated Chicken Feather Fibre Reinforced Epoxy Composites for Automobile Application
Oladele Isiaka Oluwole
Keywords: Thermo-mechanical treatment; Chicken feather fibre; Epoxy; Reinforcement; Composites; Automobile application

Assessment of the Impact of Age-Hardening on the Mechanical Properties of As-Cast Aluminium Composites based on Palm Kernel Shell Ash
Oladele Isiaka Oluwole and Okoro Avwerosuoghene Moses
Keywords: Age-hardening; Aluminum; Mechanical properties; Palm kernel shell ash; Composite

2017 Volume 6, Number 1

AHP-DENG’S Similarity Based Optimization of WEDM Process Parameters of Al/SiCp Composite
K. Anand Babu, P. Venkataramaiah, and P. Dileep
Keywords: Aluminium based Metal Matrix Composite; Wire Electrical Discharge Machining (WEDM); SEM analysis; AHP-DENG’S Similarity Based Method

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